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SGC - Sviluppo Gifts Corporation


These seem to be the only functions that a diary should have. Actually they are the reasons to interact with a diary in an era characterized by quick and numerous interfaces. A diary is also an extraordinary mean of communication that complete the promotional mix of those companies that want to enter the market without losing sight of human relationship with those particular clients from who a constant and scattered throughout time feedback is always expected, characterized by ethical factors.

Not by chance, a diary informs us and keeps company with us for 365 days a year, goes with us to meeting in the briefcase, stands on our desk for long hours a day. Besides being shown to other people, a diary becomes a strictly personal object and for this reason it should reflect the requirements that make it pleasant to have, to receive and to give.

This is the field of action of Sviluppo Gifts Corporation (SGC) of Martina Franca (TA) that has worked in the handmade production of leather diaries, writing desks, play sets and other accessories for over 40 years. All products are unique masterpieces, created following the local tradition of the high “Made in Italy” handicraft.

Mr. Donato Sviluppo, the company leader, draws all the collections and he is bringing a gust of fresh air to a sector characterized by too much strict canons and that focuses only on the quality of materials leaving new chromatism and creative inventions out.  L'azienda è guidata dal signor Donato Sviluppo che disegna tutte le collezioni e sta portando una ventata di novità in un settore caratterizzato da canoni fin troppo rigidi e che fino a oggi si è confrontato solo sulla qualità dei materiali, escludendo cromatismi o invenzioni creative. SGC diaries and accessories are produced using high level quality leather, handmade one by one and embellished with utilities suggested by users’ real needs. Objects created to be admired, to offer senses both tactile and olfactory but above all to join the collection line to the present trends.


SGC Mission is to join the artisan expertise and the high quality of materials with the communication needs of modern time. It is right behind this apparent paradox that our mission conceals. The more technology spreads new sophisticated data management systems, the more clearly emerges the need for semplicity together with that value that none machine, however advanced and trendy, could give: THE ELEGANCE AND THE DISTINGUISHING FEATURE OF A PRECIOUS OBJECT SUCH AS THE DIARY.

The refined design and the selected materials of our models enhance in the details. Creations beautiful to see, to touch and to own that spread the “Made in Italy” incomparable charm and that, together with the maximum production flexibility, make them little handmade masterpieces that go beyond the simple product.   

The ongoing research for new materials and the trial of innovative chromatism represent a further added value, able to spread the appreciation of our products to a wider range of evaluators: not only the manager but also the young community and people who prefer a touch of exclusive elegance in the way of presenting themselves.  

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